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An English immersion program unique and innovative. The program is design for beginners and intermediate. Children will have 3 hours of intensive English lessons per day and the rest of the day will be completed by the fun and dynamic activities of the Multi-Activity program...all in English. Children will be identified by a bracelet and all the staff will address them in English. The kids will speak English to each other and a progress report will be ditributed to parents at the end of the stay.



Boys and girls 13 to 16 years old



Minimum: 2 weeks (our 2-week blocks consist of 12 nights)
Maximum: 8 weeks



  • 32 activities
  • Ranking test the first day of courses
  • The intensive English classes include 15 hours of lessons per week
  • 1 teacher per 10 students
  • One full day on the Sainte-Lucie site
  • One night at the Indian Village in Val Morin
  • Evening entertainment program
  • Progress report at the end of the stay



One member of our animation personnel for 8 campers. Our specialists are highly qualified and our counselors well trained to ensure the children's safety and welfare.


Special events

English immersion camps are highlighted with lively special events including:
Olympiads, fair, Fort Edphy, beach party, arts and crafts festival, thematic dinners and dance.



Basic session fees include an afternoon of biking on the Parc Linéaire du P'tit Train du Nord, an afternoon of canoeing on the Rivière du Nord, an afternoon on our aerial games Park or an afternoon of Geocaching.


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